How to Send Funds to Artwork from Coinbase

A short guide on how to send funds to “smART” enabled artwork from a Coinbase account – a full video tutorial is also available to guide you through the entire process here. Not got a Coinbase account yet? See this post on how to set up a Coinbase Account


Your Ethereum public address (also known as public address) is displayed on every wallet screen in both QR and text form, can only be used to review or receive funds. They're what you share with the other party in a transaction to receive funds, very similar to your Bank account number.

Your Ethereum private address/key is again represented in plain text or QR code. Unlike public addresses however, they should not be shared with any third parties similar to your private online banking credentials. This address is required to withdraw funds from your art work.

  1. Log in to your Coinbase account and navigate to the accounts page (1), select “ETH Wallet” (2) and hit send (3) to generate a wallet to send Ethereum from Coinbase to the artwork.

  1. If you are using a mobile device, simply scan the QR code on the artwork to populate the recipient wallet address, or type in the wallet address, and enter the amount you wish to send – the option to add a note to the transaction is also available – hit the continue button when ready.

  1. Confirm the details as instructed be sure to check the artwork wallet address and amount being sent are correct – hit the confirm button

  1. Once the transaction has been processed you can check the balance has updated in the Thomas Crown Art certificate checking function which will display the current balance (highlighted in the bottom red box in the image below). If you wish to confirm the transaction independently using – simply click on the “View on” link (highlighted in the top red box in the “UNIQUE ID” field)

  1. The page you should see will look similar to the image below, showing you the transaction history with your latest balance applied (highlighted with the red arrow)