How to Add Funds to Artwork Using MyEtherWallet

A quick guide on how to add funds to "smART" enabled artwork using MyEtherwallet - a full video tutorial is also available to walk you through the entire process here. Before you start however - please note the following information about public and private wallet keys:


Your Ethereum public address (also known as public address) is displayed on every wallet screen in both QR and text form, can only be used to review or receive funds. They're what you share with the other party in a transaction to receive funds, very similar to your Bank account number.

Your Ethereum private address/key is again represented in plain text or QR code. Unlike public addresses however, they should not be shared with any third parties similar to your private online banking credentials. This address is required to withdraw funds from your art work.

1. Got to and click through to the “send ether and tokens” page – if you are using a mobile device you can scan the artwork QR code to auto-populate the wallet address field, or manually type in the wallet address and then enter the amount to send to the artwork:

2. Once sent, the new balance can be confirmed using the Certificate Checker page on

3. Simply rescan the QR code on the artwork or enter the wallet address manually – the page will verify the artwork, at this point click the “view certificate” button and the balance is shown on the last line:

4. Alternatively, the artwork balance can be checked by simply entering the artwork address using a blockchain explorer such as (manually or by scanning the QR code) which will display the current balance and the transaction history for the artwork: