Artist : Daniel Loveday

Devon-based artist Daniel Loveday explained why he is getting involved with the smART Crypto currency project. Smart Art is a new way of verifying art on the Blockchain and storing online currencies like Ethereum giving them an artistic cover that has a monetary value in itself.

Asked about his background, Daniel revealed that he studied at Exeter Fine Art College in 1981, but was forced to break off his studies when his mother died in a car crash. He subsequently worked in various roles, including that of a graphic designer.

"I didn't start my career until four years ago. [In the past] I did sketches for cash, but I work in fine art now. I sold my first painting for nearly £2,000, [that's when I realised fine art was what I should do]. I worked as an auxiliary, but it was not for me. I worked part-time at a hospital to supplement my income."

Daniel's work is influenced by a wide range of artists.

"I admire Hieronymous Bosch for his imaginative depictions of heaven and hell, Roberto Matta a Chilean Surrealist who painted massive abstracts, Max Ernst, Dali, Van Gogh and Turner each for different reasons."

Asked about any significant commissions Daniel has completed, he said: "One couple in London have commissioned four paintings which all hang in their living room, and two of them are large. This very project with Thomas Crown Art is notable for me, my thanks to Steve and Ian [Mcleod]."

"Almost a year and a month to when I first became self employed as an artist, I have sold approx. 50 artworks, all of which were surreal phantasmagorical subjects and have now embarked on a commission of five large and detailed paintings."

"At the moment I'm working on a painting for Thomas Crown Art which features a chessboard. It's key theme is environmental degradation, a subject that's close to my heart. In the painting time is running out and the pieces which represent the environment are being removed from the board by the pieces which represent Neoliberal Capitalism."

"Don't get me wrong I'm not against buying and selling or individuals getting rich, what I do feel strongly about is when there isn't a proper costing of environmental degradation or the social consequences of allowing some to get extremely wealthy without putting back into society. Trees, for instance, have no value in our system at all, which is absurd, without trees there would be no oxygen, no climate which in turn means no water to drink and no biodiversity. Yet a tree is regarded as a free, unlimited resource while all the artificial structures of capitalism, that we could do without, are over priced."

Loveday's influences are reflected in his work. Similarly to the late medieval painter Hieronymous Bosch (1474 to 1516), perhaps the first painter in art's history who used Surrealism to express the relationship between human beings and their environment, Daniel puts the human condition at the heart of his work.

Daniel mentioned his "fascination by the idea that only half of us is human, the other half is microbial. Half of the cells in our bodies are made up of microbes. While Mitochondria was originally a microbe that somewhere in the dawn of life joined with single celled organisms in a symbiotic relationship until today there is a mitochondria in every cell of our bodies and it's not human. It's fascinating when you think of the implications of what we are".

Daniel Loveday's art is available at and more information about his work can be found on his Facebook page: